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Saint Joseph Catholic Church • Jasper, Indiana

A Parish of the Diocese of Evansville


There are 156 days between this Sunday, July 22 and Tuesday, December 25.  That is a total of 3,744 hours or 224,640 minutes.

This is not a public service announcement about shopping days left till Christmas.  Consider it more as my request for you to pause, to reflect and to consider priorities. 

First, I want you to consider attending Sunday Mass every week if you do not now. That will be 22 hours plus 3 more for Holy Days of Obligation for a total of 25 hours spent at Mass. Sounds like a lot? It is just over 1/156 (.007%) of the 156 days.  I am confident you can do this.

Everyone says time flies. We need to make conscious choices to improve our lives and the lives around us.  It will not happen if we fail to make the effort.   The second thing I ask you to consider — can you commit to pray 10 minutes per day till Christmas?  Set an alarm, tell Siri to remind you! That would be another 1/156 of your time (take Sunday off if you want since you attended Mass). 


On May 17, 2019 I will celebrate my 50th Anniversary of Ordination to the Priesthood.  I can tell you, without doubt, prayer is one of the greatest gifts you can give your loved ones or yourself.  Pray for your family, pray for the suffering, pray for your enemies… pray without ceasing.


IF you do these two things I believe that on December 25th you will look back over the days and find gifts you never imagined.