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Saint Joseph Catholic Church • Jasper, Indiana

A Parish of the Diocese of Evansville


ADVENT - It is a season of hope-filled expectation and preparation for a coming of the Lord. We are called to "clean house" and make room for the Lord in our lives. However, like most gifts, we do not really appreciate its content unless we unwrap it and receive it.

Jesus - the reason for the season or keep “Christ” in Christmas are great sayings this time of year.  So I ask, “how are you doing with this?”

Many find it an annual struggle to meet the expectations of society with the gifts, parties, decorations and ugly sweaters.  If you find yourself on this treadmill—unplug it.  Stop.  Get off. Visit the Church and sit with God.  Listen to his song.  In times of stress, it can be calming to meditate on the Crucifix or the mosaics. This can help you stay rooted.

Now, I ask you to consider adding one more thing to your schedule. Give the gift of Christ’s Love to a shut-in, a struggling family, a friend that has lost a loved one this year or... a total stranger. You can be a light at a dark time.  Consider doing this without anyone knowing.  Many say this type of self-less giving brings them their greatest joys.

My prayer for you this Advent is that you are able to keep your focus on Jesus Christ, the baby, the Son of God, our Savior as we prepare.

Yours in Christ, Father Ray