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Saint Joseph Catholic Church • Jasper, Indiana

A Parish of the Diocese of Evansville


“Lord hear our prayer”. Is this the conclusion of your prayer or is it your call to action? At times we treat communal prayers as a passive activity.  “Lord hear our prayer” is simply a nice gesture and we fail to take them to heart.

Maybe we should consider “Lord hear our prayer, and as your disciple give me the courage to make it happen”.  Now that would be a call to action!  If you look at what only a few can accomplish imagine the entire Saint Joseph Community working to achieve a goal.

Our sister parish, Saint Joseph La Croix, Haiti will tell you that we have provided them with the gifts of improved education, sanitary systems, and healthcare to mention just a few things they thank you for.

The Community Meal and Backpack Buddies responded to the needs of a challenging economy and opened the meal site on  Mother’s Day 2009.  Since then they have provided over 200,000 meals in Dubois County at no cost to the individuals and families. The Backpack Buddies at the Community Meal will be starting their third year in August/September and will provide more than 900 food packs per month with a list of requests that could double that if funding can be found.

The Social Concerns Committee of Saint Joseph focuses their efforts on three primary areas, serving the senior citizens of the parish, the annual Angel Tree, and the Respect Life program.

In the 30+ years, Stephen Ministry has been part of our Parish they have trained over 225 Ministers. They have supported both our Parishioners and Priests.

These and many more of the things that happen at Saint Joseph started with the vision, the dream of a few and impacted many.

Saint Mother Teresa is quoted  “If you can't feed a hundred people, feed just one”.  At one time I offered Daily Mass—everyday one person attended—the same person.  I was blessed to feed just one.

Dare yourself to take “Lord hear our prayer” to a new level.  When we pray for individuals, families, communities, peace, healing —- ask yourself, “how can I be the difference’. 

It does not take a committee, it simply takes you.  

Jesus is waiting for your response,   Father Ray