Our Time Capital Campaign


Thank you for accepting our invitation to learn more about “Our Time”, the Parish Capital Campaign.  I can not begin to express how important this Campaign is to Saint Joseph Parish today and well into our future.  As you review this packet you are encouraged to contact Dan Fritch with questions about finances or Alan Hoffman for comments about the design and timelines.

     This all started in 2014 when Father Ray Brenner asked a small group of parishioners to form a working committee to evaluate the needs of our building.  While the focus was the stained-glass windows, other needs became apparent quickly.  Issues such as sound, lighting, and crumbling stone brought about an expansion of the committee and underscored the need for a formal evaluation and a professional Facility Assessment. Know this has been well planned and vigorously reviewed over the past 6 plus years.

     When I arrived in June 2019, my first statement about this project was a commitment to maintain the historic presence, culture, and legacy of Saint Joseph Catholic Church and to honor the men and women who built and preserved it before us.  I trust you find me faithful to my word. 

     In the end, this Campaign is truly about the future.  It is about ensuring there is always a place for lives to be enriched and transformed for Christ in our community, where Baptisms, First Communions, Confessions, Confirmations, Weddings, Funerals, and Mass will continue. Now, is our time, our time to preserve and continue that legacy.

     As your Pastor I ask you to do three things for your parish:

  1. I ask you to pray for the success of this Campaign to Renew, Restore, and Preserve our historic building and our future. 
  2. My second request would be your consideration of how to best support the “Our Time” Capital Campaign. The people of Saint Joseph have always been generous to this parish and I have complete faith you will continue that tradition. I told you in my homily on February 28 what I plan to pledge.
  3. Finally, I would ask you to be an advocate for the growth, impact, and sustainability of Saint Joseph today and for years to come. 

     Thank you for your help in keeping Saint Joseph a place to worship, pray, and evangelize as we love and serve the Lord. God bless.


Yours in Christ,

Father Eugene Schmitt, Pastor

Previous Major Projects

Research showed that no major restoration or renovation occurred to the church in over  50 years

  • 1950's
    • Sandstone veneer walls and pillars
    • Terrazzo floors
    • New tile roof
  • 1960's
    • Air conditioning installed
    • Landscaping
    • Parking lot expanded

1988 - Tile roof replaced

1995 - Organ reconstructed




Bell Tower 2
Bell Tower Damage

Identifying, assessing & evaluating the issues

Understanding & educating ourselves on the options

Identifying, qualifying, & selecting prospective resources

Following the St Joseph Parish & Diocese of Evansville protocol & approval processes.

Report to the Finance Commission identifying issues:

  • Stained GlassWindows
  • Ceiling damage
  • Lighting
  • Acoustics
  • Mosaics
  • Small group {4 individuals} were asked to evaluate the issues
Bell Tower 3
Mortar Joints in Bell Tower are nearly gone

Small group very quickly identified issues and expanded the list to include:

  • Internal & External infrastructure issues {stone}
  • Moisture issues identified
  • In tunnel under the church
  • Around the exterior of church
  • Damage around windows
  • Ceiling damage


  • Began repair, renovation, & preservation of stained-glass windows
    •     (2017 Stewards of God’s Grace Diocesan Capital Campaign funded)
  • Hired Entheos Architects & Arsee Engineers to conduct Facility Assessment
  • Late 2018 Church Committee expanded from 5 members to 13 members
Stonework 2
Stones are flaking causing stone hazards

Early 2019

  • Conducted and received professional Facility Assessment prepared by Architect and Engineers
  • 15 Immediate & Short-term Maintenance Items identified
  • Significant masonry repairs
  • Restoration of north elevation entrance
  • Bell tower repairs & restoration
  • Steeple repairs& restoration
  • Balcony infrastructure stabilization
  • Interior ceiling repairs & renovation
  • HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing repairs & replacement
  • Sprinkler requirements
  • Handicapped accessibility requirements
  • Lighting, acoustics & Sound system improvements
  • Etc.
Ceiling 2
Plastor Ceiling Showing Sign of Age

Mid 2019

  • Completed the Vision Document for the church
  • Completed and installed last of 20 stained glass windows

Late 2019

  • Began work on the Schematic Design
  • Began process for identifying, evaluating, and selecting the General Contractor for our church renovation project

2020 to Today

  • February 2020 - Completed Schematic Design
  • February 2020 - Selected Krempp Construction Company as the General Contractor for our church renovation project
  • April 2020 - Received approval on Schematic Design from Diocesan Building Commission & Diocesan Finance Council
  • July 2020 - Began work on Design Development Documents
  • September 2020 - Parish Presentations conducted on the Schematic Design Documents
  • October, 2020 - Began process for identifying, evaluating, and selecting the Studio for decorative painting of the interior
  • November, 2020 - Completed Design Development
  • December, 2020 - Parish Presentations conducted on the Design Development Documents
  • December, 2020- Received approval on Design Development documents from Diocesan Building Commission & Diocesan Finance Council
  • February, 2021- Selected Conrad Schmidt Studios as the studio to design and perform the decorative painting of the interior


Phase 2-Exterior Stonework

March 2021

  • Diocesan Building Commission Approval Meeting
    • Approval of Phase 2 Construction Documents
  • Construction Documents Completed
  • Open Bids for Construction


April, 2021

  • Construction Documents Completed
  • Diocesan Building Commission Approval Meeting
    • Approval of Phase 3 Construction Documents
    • Diocesan Finance Council Approval Meeting
  • Approval on Phase 3 – Bishop final approval
    • Must have $8M cash and pledges by the April 29th Meeting
  • Phase 2 Begin Exterior Stonework, Bell Tower & Steeple
  • Phase 2 Diocesan Finance Council has approved if on budget

November, 2021

  • Complete Exterior Stonework, Bell Tower & Steeple Work 


Phase 3 - Interior & Landscaping

May, 2021

  • Interior & Landscaping Bidding
  • Only after successful Capital Campaign
  •  Bidding Process Phase 3

September, 2021

  • Interior & Landscaping Construction Begins
    • Bids must come in on budget
  • Close Church for Services to begin Interior Construction
    • Mass held in Parish Center                 

December, 2022

  • Complete Interior and Landscaping Construction
  • Rededication of the Parish Church

Interior Paint

St JosephThe interior rendering is a simple rendering that helps us visualize some of the colors. The colors have been inspired by the mosaics to help create a sense of harmony with the beautiful architecture while drawing the eye to the area of worship, the sanctuary. The canopy over the altar reminds us of the heavenly nature of the Mass. 

Behind the altar we are moving the crucifix and adding a golden archway to help replace the window which had been removed in the 1920s. This also provided a place to conceal the return airvents needed for the new HVAC unit.


  • Star of David - Joseph was in the line of David. This gave Christ the Royal heritage. 
  • Carpenter Tools (2x) - Joseph was a carpenter. This is where he gained the title St. Joseph the worker
  • Star on a reddish background - 8 pointed star
  • Two Doves - Mary and Joseph offered two doves at the presentation of Jesus in the temple (Luke 2 22-40)
  • Most Chaste Heart of Joseph 
  • SJ Monogram - There are the Initials of Saint Joseph (Matches St. Joseph Side altar)
  • Lilies - Symbol of purity 


Whtie LilliesSaint Joseph MonogramChaste Heart Of JosephStar Of DavidTools 1Tools 2Turtle DovesSide Isle Stars



Interior Flooring

After the structural issues in the tunnels were found we had to pull the floor up totally. The old terrazzo floor will be replaced with a new terrazzo floor. The design elements have been taken from the windows and they are helping reflect the existing architecture. 


Altar, Ambo and Baptismal Font

In order to bring harmony with new and old, a new altar, ambo and baptismal font will be placed in the Church to match the historic high altar.

Altar RenderAltar Render 2Ambo RenderBaptismal Font Render

Our Time Capital Campaign Brochure

St. Jospeh Mosaic

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